Selectable 14vdc (12vdc to 17vdc) OR 28.8vdc (22vdc to 34vdc)


The “S” Series Blocks are designed for power hungry cinematic camera rigs and applications requiring battery voltages of 14.4v or 28.8v nominal. The “S” Series provides maximum output power efficiency in three sizes, 400Whrs, 600Whrs or 800Whrs. The “S” Series has proven to be a workhorse on many 14.4V cameras as well as a powerful and reliable 28.8V power source for all Alexa cameras.

"S" Series

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Dual Voltage Simultaneous 14vdc (12vdc to 17vdc) AND 28vdc (Regulated)


The “D” Series Blocks are designed for cinematic and/or lighting applications requiring simultaneous dual voltage outputs. The “D” Series Blocks are the blocks of choice for camera and lighting applications requiring a regulated output voltage less than 28vdc. The “D” Series come in three different sizes and in two different chemistries, the travel friendly Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or the light weight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). Ground Transport Only

"D" Series

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The HC400 platform is designed to meet the needs of rental houses with a variety of medium power portable lighting applications (Up to 800 watts). The HC400 provides a high current output at nominal 28.8V levels. The HC400 output is compatible with Block Battery’s 600-INVand 1500-INV pure sine wave inverters as well as the 2F1-R48-500 DC to DC converter. The HC400 is the most cost effective building block for rental houses needing to power HMI’s, Skypanels or other applications requiring AC power.

high current blocks hc400 & Inverters

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